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Cell Site (1) Cell Site (2) Electric Room Per Slab Electrical Duct Bank Electrical Duct Bank 2 Electrical Panels Electrical Underground (1) Electrical Underground (2) Electrical Underground (3) FAU Port St. Lucie FPL Duct Bank Ft. Lauderdale Ex. Airport Ft. Lauderdale International Airport Taxi-way Generator Install (1) Generator Install (2) Generator Install (3) Glades-Middle-School Industrial ELectric Room Lloyds Estates Multipurpose Building Monarch High School South Broward HS Stoneman Douglas HS


For commercial service or to request a quote, call 954-791-1114 or click here.

Request a Quote. Call 954-791-1114 or click here.

Serving South Florida for over 30 years!

Service Includes: Residential, Retail, Commercial and Data/Phone